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The energy levels of our animals are directly impacted by their heart health, digestion, appetite, and muscle pain. Hemp increases energy by providing balanced nutrition from the inside out and improving overall wellness.


Hemp is an anti-inflammatory and has strong pain relieving qualities that help normalize joint function and muscle soreness without the common side effects of prescriptions. Daily usage will keep them moving and active.


Omega 3-6 Essential Fatty Acids in hemp have been found to improve the health of skin and coat. That healthy glow is worth admiring.

Praise Hemp Products for Dogs & Horses

  • Topping 2lbs
  • Topping 20lbs
  • Hemp Seed Oil 20L
  • Hemp Seed Oil 4L
  • Performance 20lbs
  • Mixer 0.88lb

Treat Them With Hemp!

Hemp keeps their coats shiny, their bodies healthy, and their hearts happy.

There are so many products out there and we have tried a lot of them. We are not knocking them and they all have different benefits but this is the first product that we have ever used that works across the board for all of our horses. It is good for their joints, their coats and general health. We now feed all three of our dog’s hemp oil. Our senior dog is moving much better and all three have better coats with a lot less shedding.


Our horses seem more settled at shows since starting them on Praise Hemp. They are less stressed, show fewer signs of gastric issues and maintain their condition while competing and travelling during the long show season. In the cold BC winter, I can help to maintain their weight by adding more oil to their diet. Our vet has commented on how healthy our horse's coats look year-round and my equine therapist can feel the suppleness in the muscles of our horses when she works on them.

Ali Holmes-Smith

I never endorse or represent a product I don't 100% stand behind. When I started feeding #PraiseHemp I had two hard keepers, both who were dealing with ulcers and a few other performance horse issues. I was extremely happy with the results it provided and I have been feeding it ever since.

Kyla Bohmer